Hello Sailors

Last season we successfully sailed from the Bras D’Or lake in Breton Island, Nova Scotia to Baltimore, Maryland. Had a planned Grateful Red repaint by the Hinckley Boat yard and had an unplanned install of a rebuilt Volvo engine due to the demise of our original engine.  The engine rebuild install completed just in time for hurricane Dorian, first Maine hurricane parties in 20 years.  Lars and I had a fun time!  Packers beat the Bears!

We shipped the Grateful Red to Holland on a container ship, ship date was first two weeks of October, actual ship day was October 25 Kristine’s 65th birthday.  Quite a novel birthday gift.  I have learned the term port rotation – a multi beverage discussion.  With overnight help by previous foredeck Scottie, the Grateful Red was motored 150 miles overnight in the November North Sea to Amsterdam City Marina where Clarissa – Grateful Red Dutch crew – had booked a slip until the end of May.  Life was good – boat safely in a terrific Amsterdam central city small marine ready for the 2020 sailing season.

Kristine and I returned to Amsterdam March first – life was still good … then coronavirus lockdown.  We declined to return to America, decided to stay in Amsterdam working/living on the Grateful Red during lockdown. Along with repairing/upgrading every Grateful Red issue we have undertaken to update and upgrade our Grateful Red website.  Kristine contacted many of you for pics where we were missing.

The 2020 cruising plan – dates unknown:  Plan is to leave for England end of May – London/South England, West Ireland, Hebrides islands, Scotland/Caledonia Canal, Shetland Islands and end the season September in Norway.

The Cub/Cardinal June baseball game in London – cancelled.  I had tickets.

Cork300 regatta in July cancelled.  I had registered with crew.

The BIG news Richie and Liza are expecting their first child late August.  Kristine and I will be in the US for the birth, I plan on returning to the Grateful Red in September to sail to Norway – looking for crew.

Hope to see you on the water.