Fort Lauderdale to St. Augustine

The coastal cruising continued with the crew of Denny, Scott, Charlie, Vicki, Jori, and Ken. A windy overnight was handled well by the teenage contingent of the crew. Four stops later the Grateful Red was in St. Augustine, home of the CC dealer that sold Ken the Grateful Red, rented Ken the Windy Gill, and provide Ken, Kristine, Jenica, and Liza their US Sailing certificates.

Hopetown to Fort Lauderdale

The nephew and cousins sail across the Bahamas banks, wreck diving, stop in a ritzy Bimini yacht club and a terrific sail across the Gulf stream to Fort Lauderdale.

Nassau Cruise 2006

Johnson family did an overnight across the Gulf Stream sailing on to Nassau.  First off-shore for the Grateful Red.  the Johnson Boys – Bradley, Kyle and Charlie lead the way.