Hello Sailors

The Grateful Red is in Brisbane Australia at the Rivergate Marina. The adventure has begun. We have one person visiting Feb 12 to 17 in Manley docked at the Old Queensland Yacht Squadron. https://www.rqys.com.au/ and one person sailing with us from Coffs Harbor to Port Stevens – we will be car providing transport to and from airports.

Come sail and tour:  There are a number of excellent resorts in Port Stevens – day sailing location and evening out. https://www.portstephens.org.au/ or we are spending at least couple of weeks in Sydney.

Come sail and race:  If I have crew possible club races Feb. 14, Feb. 22, March 13, Apr. 10 or 15. Asym is on the boat.

Come visit Australia, the land of Oz itinerary:

1st Feb. to the 10th          We will be exploring Brisbane. You are welcome to stay with us or stay in Brisbane and do a couple day sails.

10th Feb. to the 18th        We be at Manly and the Old Queensland Yacht Squadron. https://www.rqys.com.au/  15 miles from Brisbane airport. Club race every Wednesday afternoon – Feb.14.

18th Feb to 25th                Sail 50 miles south and visit the Southport Yacht Club on the Gold Coast. https://southportyachtclub.com.au/ Club race twilight race on Feb 22nd.

25th to March 2nd             Coastal cruise from the Southport Yacht Club to Coff’s Harbor, Coff’s harbor has an airport for crew drop-off & pick up.

2nd/3rd March                   Coff’s Harbor – 2 days https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coffs_Harbour        https://www.coffsharbourmarina.com.au/

4th March to 11th             Coastal cruise from Coff’s Harbor to Port Stevens.  Plan to drive crew from Port Stevens to Sydney airport ~100 miles

11th March to 17th           Port Stevens Yacht Club– 5 days at https://www.portstephens.org.au/ Stay on boat or lots of onshore resorts. club race Wed. afternoon – March 13

18th March to 23rd           Coastal cruise from Port Stevens to downtown Sydney.

23rd Mar to Apr 8th          Exploring Sydney and day sails form the Sydney Harbor marina Harbor marina https://www.sydneyharbourmarina.com.au/ or/and Sydney Wharf Marina:  https://sydneywharfmarina.net.au/ Lots of onshore resorts.

8th Apr to 13th                  Cruising Yacht Club of Australia – sponsors the Sydney to Hobart race. https://cyca.com.au/ club races Monday and Wednesday twilight races

14th April to 19th              Sail to a boat yard for off season storage.

20/21 Apr                         Return to Lake Kegonsa

Looking forward to a new continent and a fun sailing season.

Ken and Kristine