Hello Grateful Red Sailors

New season … new adventures!

Kristine and I are returning to Grenada on Monday October 30th. We are splashing the boat on Thursday November 2nd at Spice Island Marina. The Grateful Red will set sail early on Saturday November 4th for Panama and the Panama canal – 1200 miles/8 days sailing. We have a crew – Jack, Mark, Matt, Paul, Steve and me.

I expect the Grateful Red will arrive in Panama on Sunday November 12; Kristine is flying from Grenada to meet us. Kristine and I have flights back from Panama City, Panama – after the Panama Canal passage – on Friday November 17. Returning to Lake Kegonsa for Thanksgiving.

We return to Panama City on Monday November 27th. The sail from Panama City to Golfito is 350 miles – day one is 90 miles, and the last day is 60 miles. We need to be at Golfito by Sunday December 10. In between day one and the last day are the Perlas Islands – Isla Coiba is the biggest of these islands and part of the Parque Nacional Coiba and Isla Seca is the luxury resort island. https://www.cntraveler.com/hotels/panama/islas-secas/islas-secas-resort One can fly in and out of the airport at David, Panama and only sail for 5 days. The complete sail will be 10 days … looking for crew for all 10 days or for 5 days.  No overnights, coastal cruising, lots of islands to see, remote, if interested please email me.

Australia! I have booked a spot on a vessel to ship the Grateful Red from Golfito to Brisbane Australia. Arrival in Brisbane is expected January 15 to 30th. We plan to stay at a super nice Brisbane Marina, see the city and day sail until February 23, 2024. Visitors welcome.

From February 24 to March 10th, we will sail from Brisbane to Coff’s Harbor – ~200NM, arriving March 2. There is an airport at Coff’s Harbor. From March 3rd to 10th, we sail from Coff’s Harbor to Sydney – another 200NM. Looking for crew on these two Australian coastal cruises. Email me if interested.

From March 10th to the end of March we will stay at a super nice downtown Sydney Marina – see the city and day sail. Visitors welcome.

Another great sailing season.