Bring Down 2009

Crew of Leslie, Tom, Kristine, and Ken had an auspicious departure from Mango Marine. Tom and Ken decided to take a dip as the Grateful Red departed from the dock. A terrific downwind run with an overnight at Key Largo with Wendell and Shelley.

Key West Race Week 2009

Fourth running of the Key West race week for the Red ”no broken parts, no boat damage, and a great crew. The final day the crew donned the Grateful Red head gear as we crossed the finish line for the last time before heading to Europe. First use of the Peter designed kegerator at KWRW” a big hit.

Key West Goodbye 2009

Send off parties at Ken and Kristine\'s two favorite Key West establishments ”the Conch Harbor Tiki bar and Schooner\'s Wharf and owner Avalena” part of the Grateful Red crew.

Key West to Fort Lauderdale 2009

The ocean crossing voyage begins as the Grateful Red departs Key West for Oslo, Norway. Crew of Jenica, Matt, Joey, Lisa, Ken, and Kristine head north stopping at Key Largo to visit Wendell and Shelley. A party stop at Miami south beach and finally to Fort Lauderdale and Pier 66. A very posh marina, the Grateful Red could go on the deck of some of the motor yachts.

Fort Lauderdale to St Augustine 2009

The coastal cruising continued with the crew of Denny, Scott, Charlie, Vicki, Jori, and Ken. A windy overnight was handled well by the teenage contingent of the crew. Four stops later the Grateful Red was in St. Augustine, home of the CC dealer that sold Ken the Grateful Red, rented Ken the Windy Gill, and provide Ken, Kristine, Jenica, and Liza their US Sailing certificates

St Augustine to Edisto 2009

St. Augustine to Edisto Beach was done by the all woman crew of Teri, Leslie, Mary, Debi, and Kristine. Not as exciting as the Nassau Hopetown overnight sail but great nights in Savannah with a low country boil courtesy of Jerry and Diane\'s Polk market and three stops along the way.

Edisto to Charleston

After a great party weekend, Mary and Kristine drove to Charleston while Ken and crew "flew" like the wind on Grateful Red. Full reverse into the dock just to stop the wind was so mighty.

Charleston to Bermuda 2009

First leg of the ocean crossing was the Charleston to Bermuda regatta, only nine boats in the regatta and three days of low (I did mention low) winds. The crew of Bridgette, Mark, Jack, Curtis, and Ken did a little sailing and did a little swimming but finally arrived at the Royal Bermuda yacht club with a third place finish and land crew of Cissy and Kristine.

Bermuda to Horta 2009

The long leg started with a drifter, followed by the gooseneck screws backing out of the mast as we bobbed, so the crew of Jack, Curtis, and Ken motored north to catch the trade winds. Eight days of 30 plus winds and rain, drizzle, and wetness, but great sailing and terrific crew. 2,000 miles and 15 days later the Grateful Red was in Horta and the crew at Pete\'s Sailors Bar telling stories.

Horta to Amsterdam 2009

The crew of Jason, Brendt, Paula, Matt, Jack, and Ken left Horta in a nice breeze heading north, day four saw the forestay let loose, foresail a-flapping, but mast still standing. Quick use of the spin halyards to hold up the mast, plus some cagey sail rigging by Matt and Jack, and the Grateful Red wove through the boats in the Straits of Dover to Ijmuiden, Netherlands.

Amsterdam Crew Exchange

A wild weekend in Amsterdam for old and new crew with the days spent rigging the Grateful Red for the next leg, Oslo, Norway and the summer party. With a great assist from Harken in Amsterdam the boat was ready to sail on Monday with a new forestay and roller furler.

Amsterdam to Oslo 2009

Around the Netherlands, through the Kiel canal to the east side of Denmark, couple island stops and hops to the west Coast of Swedenâ, Gotenburg and fjords with Peter, Maggie, Molly, Gordie, Kristine, and Ken. Finally to the Kosta islands and Ola, my long time Natural buddy and his family at their costal cottage. Just in time to Oslo fjord for the summer party time.

Oslo Fjord 2009

Sailed up the Oslo fjord to the Aker Brygge, the castle of Oslo and long time Norwegian friends. Great performance by Blackhawk and Jamie, dancing by the Norwegians, and a great week in Oslo. Remember it can snow any day in Norway!

Oslo to Amsterdam 2009

Crew of Wendell, Dan, Hannah, Ken and Kristine sailed back from Oslo. Included was a stop and inspection by the Dutch Coast guard, all papers were in order. The only problem was no diesel; spent an evening in the drift mode. With Hannah at the wheel the wind returned and the crew arrived back at Ijmuiden.

Ijmuiden marina at Amsterdam

While Ken returned stateside, Kristine \"maintained\" the boat. The marina experienced Force 10 wind, more than sixty miles an hour, in the harbor. Jenica and Shelley came to visit the boat and Gerhardt\'s in Amsterdam for a wine tasting.

Dutch Canals - Amsterdam to Bruinesse

After a summer of ocean sailing, the \"stand mast\" canal crew, Janet, Larry, Ron, Ken, and Kristine, joined the Grateful Red and motored with her 62 foot mast upright from Ijmuiden ”the harbor of Amsterdam” through Holland, over the six lane highway with a stop in Leiden, and finally to Bruinesse, Netherlands for the winter season.