Grenada Surprise Birthday Party

Left Key West in 2009, couple of years in the Med, and return crossing finally Ken and Kristine sailed the Grateful Red solo. first stopping in Marigot Bay in St. Lucia then sailed to St. Vincent and the Blue Lagoon. the Blue Lagoon was crowded so we hired a guide to visit the Montreal Gardens. Cruised on to Union Island and the Paradise Island Bar. Spent a couple days at Uniion Island then sailed to Port Louis, Grenada...Ken was surprised by Gordie and Anna flying in secretly to Grenada for ken\'s 60th Birthday. Party time! A Terrific 60th! (Didn\'t Gordie and Ken just graduate from Oregon High, must be his 40th??)

Grenada, Union Island, & St. Lucia

After a great 60th Birthday for Ken with Gordy and Anna, Ken and Kristine headed north to St. Lucia to catch a plane for Liza and Richie\'s Key West wedding. Another stop at Union Island, a visit to Castello\'s shirt shop where Ken hired Castello to hand paint the Grateful Red on a shirt for Liza\'s wedding. Cruised Tobago Cay, Mayreau and Cancouan to Mustique Island where Ken had made reservations for the 35th Mustique Blues Festival. Unbelievably Prince William, his wife kate and the royal entourage also attended the Mustique 35th Blues Festival. Please note - William is not a good dancer and Kate is pretty

St. Lucia to Antigua

After a respite in Rodney Bay St. Lucia, with a leaving marina blender party, Ken and Kristine sailed on - solo. Martinique, Dominica, Les Saintes - encountered few anchor off issues, part of the learning curve - Guadeloupe, Desirade Island and Antiqua. Lots of water, anchor-offs, cruiser partiers and ports for the Grateful Red, but all wonderful Caribbean cruising.

Antigua to  St. Martin

Wendell and Shelly joined up with Ken and Kristine in Antiqua. With a shallow draft the Grateful Red found spots that had no other vessels. With sailors like Wendell and shelly the symmetrical spinnaker was flown. The ending destination being St. Barth for Les Voiles de St. Barth Regatta, and a check out of the St. Martin party site - Mary\'s Boon Beach House

Les Voiles de St. Barth Regatta

Les Voiles de St. Barth Regatta is a big time, well at least lots of really big racing yachts and...the Grateful Red. Wendell, Matt, Lilly, Ken and Kristine had the Grateful Red in racing form - around the island a couple of times, a couple of off-shore races and pretty light winds made a great regatta topped off by a well-attended Grateful Red blender bash!

St. Martin to St. Lucia

After the party blues with Fred, Colby from Key West and Ken, the Grateful Red headed South on the leeward side of the Caribbean, Saba, St. Augustine Island, St. Kitt, Nevis, Montserrat, Guadeloupe, Dominica, Martinique and Rodney Bay again in St. Lucia. Lots of stories, ports, anchoring issues, hiking, exploring and conversation with this crew, but mission of return to St. Martin was accomplished.

Charlie's 21st Birthday Party-Union Island

Last sail for this season and with the nephews - Charlie, Girlfriend Kristy, Kyle and Garrett. A really fun crew and as luck has it, the boys met up with a great twenty-year old British sailor that \"fit\" into our crew. to monitor this group, Ken and Steve were on the crew. Half-way to Grenada, the Grateful Red made another stop at Union Island - the party island - for Charlie\'s 21st Birthday

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