Kickoff 2019 Nova Scotia

We returned to NS to set off the 2019 sailing season. Grateful Red was in the water at Jen's Boat Builders being prepped for our departure. After several days of provisioning and last minute details, (we also picked up Nick, our crew for the first leg) we set off for St. Peters Canal leading out of Bras d'Ore lake. Grateful Red was boat #2 going through the lock for the sailing season and #30 boat for 2019.

Canso - Liscombe - Halifax NS

First several days showed us the foggy, rain fill forecast Nova Scotia is familiar with. Liscombe Lodge was deep in a bay. We had the only large boat spot as it is not frequented by boaters. The lodge was quiet and had a great pool that we enjoyed the 2 days we were there. When we left, we motor sailed 13 hours to Halifax. More rain, and wind not in our favor.

Lunenburg - Yarmouth NS

After Halifax, we headed to Lunenburg to have crew change. Nick left and our friends Nancy and Jim joined us. We spent several days in Lunenburg eating lobster and checking out the the cute town. We continued to Shelborne Harbor and finished their week in Yarmouth. In Yarmouth we rented a car and drove up to Brier Island to do a day of Whale watching. On their day of departure, Ken left with them to spend a few days back at work in the US.

Yarmouth to Cutler Maine

New crew - Scott and Ellen arrived along with Ken from the US. This weeks journey will take us across the Bay of Fundy and back to the USA east coast. After successfully getting across the Bay we checked in at Cutler Maine. Promptly, Ken and Ellen took the dingy to a Fishery and scored more lobster!

Cutler - Hinckley - SW Harbor Maine

The end of June brought new crew. In Jonesport, Molly arrived first and Steve and Vicki the next day. First anchor was Roque Island. We went into Mud Hole where crew went for a hike after we discovered motor issues. No towing service near us so US Coast Guard towed us back to Southwest Harbor for repairs. Southwest Harbor is a great place with beautiful boats and scenery. We ate Lobster at Beals, found a few great local bars and even got to shop at a West Marine supply. We spent several days sailing around during the day, joining the Henry Reath Pursuit regatta around Cranberry Island. Monday, we ended up hauling out and spending one night on the hard to replace the prop. Back in the water by 4:30 the next day. We left for Lunt Harbor and Frenchboro ending the week in Castine and Camden.

Southwest Harbor - Camden Maine

Wendell joined us when Vicki and Steve had to leave. We enjoyed continued exploration of Maines coast and eating more lobster!

Camden to Rockland Maine

Another crew change added Fred Paula, & Doug along with Ken and Wendell. Kristine headed home for a few weeks.

Ptown to New Bedford Mass

Ptown to New Bedford Mass traveling through the Cape Cod Canal with George, Scott and Ken. Stops at Martha's Vineyard.

Hinckley Paint job

Boat was towed back to Southwest Harbor for new rebuilt Volvo engine and Hinckley paint job.

New Bedford - Newport  RI- Cape May New Jersey

Lars on board to help Ken bring the boat back to Newport where we would revisit old friends.

Cape May - CD canal - Baltimore Maryland

Last crew of 2019 heading to Nabbs Creek Marina - First time sailor Spence joined Caroline, Ken and Gordy

Baltimore boat loading

After 2 months sitting in Nabbs Creek Marina, Grateful Red motored up to Baltimore to meet up and be transferred onto the ride across the Atlantic Ocean. Special cargo vessel Spaarnegracht was waiting for us to pull along side for the load. After securing Grateful Red to its deck it started the journey to the Netherlands where we would meet up with it in about 15 days.