Erie Canal

Kingston-Montreal- Rimouski Quebec

With crew of Cole, Joey, Ken and Kristine, we left Kingston and headed to Montreal where we picked up George and Scott. From Montreal we headed to Quebec.

Whales and the St. Lawrence Seaway

Along our journey up the seaway, we spotted Beluga whales. Most of the other whale spotting was during our "paid" Whale watching trip. Highly recommend!

Tadoussac to Prince Edward Island (PEI)

Scott, George, Cole, Ken and Kristine left Tadoussac and sailed to Gaspe. Crew change there, at bit of whale watching and then on to PEI. Did have to stop in Le Goulet New Brunswick for some engine work and provisioning.

Nova Scotia

From Charlottetown PEI to Bras d'Or Lake where Grateful Red will spend the off season. Jens at Sauer Boat Building hauled out and winterized for a Nova Scotia winter!