Port Napoleon to St-Tropez

Upon arrival to Port Napoleon, the re-rigging of Grateful Red commenced and when completed, crew Ken, Ron and Matt sailed to St-Tropez

Rolex Cup Regatta

Almost a three-day regatta - over 15 inches of rain on day three of regatta. Most ever in the recorded history of St-Tropez. Crew was lead by Dennis and Harry from Holland joined by Wendell, Brad, Mike, Paula, Paul, Ken and Matt. Placed 87th out of 127th. All 120 plus IRC rated boats started at the same time with a start line that accommodated thirty boats. Do you know the boat, \"right of way rules?\"

Giraglia Regatta

St-Tropez around Giraglia Rock at the Southern tip of Corsica, and on to San Remo, Italy. Two-hundred-forty-five nautical miles. Dennis and Harry returned to Holland and Mike joined the Rolex crew. Terrific A-Sym reach with Paul Stroup driving yielded a 12+ knot/hr boat speed. Inadvertently (???) the race finish instructions were only in French - we got lost and with the help of others, finished 118 out of 226.

San Remo to San Tropez

The French Riviera, Cote d\' Azur. The crew of Brian, Beth, Paul, Matt, Ann Marie, Vicki and Ken sailed San Remo (the Italian Riviera), Cannes (where we met up with Grateful Red sailor Dan Neely), Antibes, San Raphael and finally back to San Tropez. Got lucky to find the last slip in the downtown San Raphael marina and spent time in the old city.

The Mediterranean Trophy Regatta

Ajaccio to Bonaficio, Corsica to La Maddalena , Isla Rossa in Italy, and back to Propriano and Ajaccio in Corsica. Matt, Matt Molly (the three M\'s), Gordie and Ken were the crew. Terrific sailing and great parties every night, the fleet loved the blender. Placed 25th out of forty boats, with a different port every night.

Copa del Rey Regatta

First a two-night sail from Corsica to Menorca, Spain and on to Majorca for the Kings Regatta. Crew of Matt, Matt, Nora, Scott and Charlie - the Lady GaGa crowd stayed slept on the boat - with Susan, Jack, Cissy, Kristine and Ken in the on-shore apartment. After four days of racing tied with J122 - Noisy Oyster - only to lose the challenged bottle of Champagne on the last race.

Palma-Barcelona to St-Tropez

Most of the Copa del Rey crew along with Niki, Mark and Bridgette sailed the overnight to Barcelona, Spain and spent a couple of nights partying, and being victim of a camera heist by a flower vendor. Kristine, Ken, Mark and Bridgette sailed on, along the Spanish coast, across the Golfe de Lion, spent a great night on the hook in the Porquerolles and then back to St-Tropez.

Les Voiles de St-Tropez Regatta

The Traditional Class \"wooden boats over 16 meters in length\" had 44 participants. There was a ten boat Wooden 12-meter class. American Cup boats. 288 boats overall in the regatta. Crew of Leneke, Clarissa and Jeroen as the Dutch contingent with Teri, George, Kristine and Ken had difficulties in finding the correct course among many courses in the sailing instructions. Finally on the last day, sailed the correct course and beat boats. A great finish to a terrific racing season!

Classic Boats of Les Voiles de St-Tropez

Pictures of theClassic and Traditional sailing vessels of the Les Voiles de St-Tropez Regatta

San Tropez to Port Napoleon bring back

After a terrific Grateful Red St-Tropez party the final cruise back to Port Napoleon was with Lake Kegonsa Sailing Club sailors, Jack, Steve and Ken. A night in the Porquerolles, a night in the great old port of Cassis and finally, a motor into the thirty knot headwinds to cross the Golfe do Fos and enter into Port Napoleon. Too windy to take put the boat on the hard, but spent a night listening to the Badgers when they beat Ohio State via Internet Radio.