Sail Down to Key West 2006

First overnight for the Grateful Red, St. Petersburg to Key West. Crew of Liza's friends - Dave, Evan, Matt Neville, TJ, Nick, Matt Hund, and Syracuse roommates Mary and Shana.

Key West Race Week 2006

First Big Regatta....and rum tent for Grateful Red Crew. Crew headed by the Fauerbach\'s: Kristine, Maggie, Karl and Peter

Schooner's Wharf Race

First Schooners Race, only Blackhawk did some swimming but the crew picked him up and finished the race, receiving the life saver award.

KW to Miami

First sail up Hawk\'s channel, stop at Little Palm where Dan took a snooze, with stop at Key Largo to see Wendell and Shelly Meise

Miami Race Week 2006

With Lenica as the driver and experienced Key West Race Crew - Best times partying on South Beach

Nassau Cruise 2006

Johnson family did an overnight across the Gulf Stream sailing on to Nassau. First off-shore for the Grateful Red. the Johnson Boys - Bradley, Kyle and Charlie lead the way.

Nassau Return 2006

Across the great Bahamas bank, with a swim in party stop, windy sail from Bimini to Key Largo where Wendell jumped ship and Fred, Paula and Ken sailed on to Key West.