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Key West Good Bye

Send off parties at Ken and Kristine’s two favorite Key West establishments ”the Conch Harbor Tiki bar and Schooner’s Wharf and owner Avalena” part of the Grateful Red crew.

Mac to Chicago

Mac bring back crew was Paul Sundberg, Ken Johnson, John O’Neill, Ed Blomstrom, Fred Sheils, Gordie Kopke, Paula Sheils – Phototographer. Playing Cribbage is Fred Sheils, Paul Sundberg, Gordie Kopke. Crew making friends: Fred Sheils, John O’Neill, Gordy Kopke, Ken Johnson, Ed Blomstrom, Paula Sheils. Sister Bay crew at work: Ken Johnson, Bob Conner, Fred Sheils. Sailing to Sister Bay: Bob Conner, Fred Sheils, Ken Johnson

Menominee to Mackinac Island

This was our Lake Michigan Circumnavigation 2008. We traveled from Menominee to Mackinac Island with Bob Conner, Fred Sheils and then our Sister Bay crew included Ken Johnson, Kristine Fauerbach, Bob Conner, Paula Sheils and Fred Sheils.