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Amsterdam Crew Exchange

A wild weekend in Amsterdam for old and new crew with the days spent rigging the Grateful Red for the next leg, Oslo, Norway and the summer party. With a great assist from Harken in Amsterdam the boat was ready to sail on Monday with a new forestay and roller furler.

Horta to Amsterdam

The crew of Jason, Brendt, Paula, Matt, Jack, and Ken left Horta in a nice breeze heading north, day four saw the forestay let loose, foresail a-flapping, but mast still standing. Quick use of the spin halyards to hold up the mast, plus some cagey sail rigging by Matt and Jack, and the Grateful Red wove through the boats in the Straits of Dover to Ijmuiden, Netherlands.

Isla Return to SSMR

With a pick-up of local Sunnyside boy, Bryce, Fred, Paul and Paula sailed along but…did not stop…on the coast of Cuba on the way back to St. Pete’s.