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Siracuse to Malta

Siracuse Malta Regatta Only crew change was Charlie ended his Med sailing career as the Grateful Red foredeck in Siracuse. Did a terrific job! Vicki, Steve, Kristine and Ken were the “race team”. Again the only American flag boat in the regatta – an overnight to Malta. Started with light winds along the coast of Siracuse, had terrific winds across the Ionean Sea and ending with a drifter in the harbor. Managed to miss the freighter with the classic line “When the IAS shows zero miles in two minutes what does this mean?” means a quick gibe and avoid the freighter. Malta is one impressive fort with a terrific natural harbor and lots of war stories. The crew went to the Royal Malta Yacht club regatta reception and talked rum stories.

Corfu to Siracuse, Italy

Sailing Corfu to Siracuse Crew change in Corfu – the Donley’s were a terrific crew but needed to return for work – work is always an issue. The Corfu to Siracuse crew of Vicki and Steve jumped a board with one overnight with both crews telling stories. The first stop for Vicki and Steve was the island of Paxio just a short half day sail from Corfu. Terrific harbor, half empty and lots of Greek restaurants. We needed to store up supplies for the 300 plus mile two nights on the sea sail. Since the Grateful Red can only motor about 200 miles – wind was needed and found including a nice downwind leg. After a couple nights at sea we arrive in Siracuse for the regatta from the clean and tidy streets of Corfu and Paxio to the dirty broken down town of Siracuse – it was like we sailing back a 100 years in time.