St Lucia to Grenada with the “A” Team! Last Sail of the season

May 15th and 16th, Charlie, Kyle,  Kristy, Steve Carlson and son Garrett arrive in St. Lucia to help Ken sail the boat the remaining way to Grenada where the boat will stay for Hurricane season.  The following is Charlie and Kristy’s recap of their journey.


“We landed in St. Lucia for our first night at Rodney Bay.  We had
breakfast at the local bar and set sail that morning.  We then sailed
to Marigot Bay on the Southwest corner of St. Lucia and had our first
crew dinner with ken, Garrett, Steve, and kyle.  We then sailed our
longest day to Chateaubelair arriving at night to be greeted by a
lonely local kayaker.  The next morning we went into shore for
supplies and met some of the locals.  Promptly upon returning to the
ship we set sail to our next destination of Buccament Bay for lunch.
After lunch we sailed to Bequia.  We spent 2 nights in Bequia and made
our first friends of the trip.  Our first night on the island we met
an English group who had chartered a boat from Grenada and were
returning on the same route we were.  Our second day was spent on boat
chores and shore shopping.  After sampling some of the local fruits
and doing some sightseeing we called it a day to see our new friends
at dinner.  Dinner was spent listening to the elegant piano playing of
Steve on a picturesque view of the harbor.  We met our waiters soon
after dinner along the beach and went to the local bar to enjoy some
drinks with our new friends.  The next morning we set sail for Tobago
Cays making a stop in Canouan for lunch.  Upon arriving in Tobago we
noticed a French wedding on the beach with a grill and good music all
night.  We spent the night on the water and set sail early the next
morning for Anchorage bay in Union.  We spent 2 nights in Union and
celebrated my 21st birthday there.  The first day we spent drinking
out on happy island and met our British friends again.  They sailed to
the other side of the island and we all made a special trip across the
island, up and down mountains, to an area only accessible by foot and
boat.  There we ate barbeque on the beach, limboed, and danced the
night away.  The next day we spent on the beach making friends with
the local dogs, watching parasailors, and snorkeling along the reef.
After calling it an early night we set sail for our second longest day
to Grenada.  After experiencing our first minor squalls the crew was
relieved when we landed in our final port.  Port Louis was the most
developed place we stayed our whole vacation.  After some much needed
showers and drinks we found our British friends again.  After saying
our goodbyes we called it a night.  We spent most of the next day
cleaning the boat and taking a tour of the island.  We had some
trouble with customs, but after some stern talking to and some extra
fines we were cleared.  We held a tailgator party that night with some
local sailors and enjoyed our last night of the trip together.

Charlie and Kristy

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