As they say “LAND-HO” !!!

Ken’s update, Tuesday AM:

“After a week of great sailing we could sniff the Azores but the winds were not cooperative. two days of wind holes and glassy water with spurts of low winds. since the alternator fried out five six days ago the only electrical power generation is “AQUA GEN” – a generator dragged behind the boat (read: an anchor when the winds are lite).

No refrig – no icy beer, no auto pilot all crew steering – nothing worse then driving a 40 foot boat with 2.7893098 miles per hour of wind. slowly consumed our few gallons of diesel trying to motor to the wind “hot spots”. Curtis was popping the spinnaker out with every whisper of six knots of wind. We can now fly the spinnaker and douse with a crew of two (plus the appropriate amount of beer – warm or cold). Me I am half way through the “life and times of Muhammad” done with “Outliers”.

Finally last night the wind started fill in – six then seven, eight finally kicking ten plus. boat speed of six plus – real sailing again ….. and no rain. On shift at six am by nine “Land Ho”. Monte de Guia appears in the fog only thirty miles away. if the winds continue we will be at Pete’s Bar by five this afternoon. we left St. Georges harbor Bermuda for the second final time at five on Tuesday two weeks ago – in the rain, motoring without wind. two thousand ocean miles in two weeks ain’t bad!


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