Portobelo to Boca del Toros, Panama

Last sail of the season with only a three person crew of Kristine, George and ken. left from Portabello – the world’s richest port in 1500’s with the Spanish boats laden with new world gold but now, pretty low-life. Crossed the long-line of huge boats waiting to enter the Panama canal, an overnight at Isla Escudo de Veraguas, and finally the Isla de Colon in Boca del Toros. A season ended.

San Blas Islands, Panama

Back at the beginning of the 19th Century when the Panama Canal was being constructed, the Panama government gave (forced?) the Kuna Indians the San Blas Islands as their “reservation”. The result is the San Blas Islands are semi-autonomous from the Panama government with the Kuna’s maintaining their life style. The Kuna style is keeping the islands development free and pristine.

Aruba, Columbia & Portobello, Panama

Picked up a new crew member at the Aruba party – Hanna\’s first time on the Grateful Red is a three-overnight sail from Aruba to Santa Marta, Columbia. But the Scotty, Jack, Matt, and Ken crew has done more than a few overnights on the Grateful Red. A few paperwork issues along the way combined with a diesel tank leak and repair keeps the sailing interesting!