Oslo to Amsterdam

Crew of Wendell, Dan, Hannah, Ken and Kristine sailed back from Oslo. Included was a stop and inspection by the Dutch Coast guard, all papers were in order. The only problem was no diesel; spent an evening in the drift mode. With Hannah at the wheel the wind returned and the crew arrived back at Ijmuiden.

Oslo Fjord

Sailed up the Oslo fjord to the Aker Brygge, the castle of Oslo and long time Norwegian friends. Great performance by Blackhawk and Jamie, dancing by the Norwegians, and a great week in Oslo. Remember it can snow any day in Norway!

Amsterdam to Oslo

Around the Netherlands, through the Kiel canal to the east side of Denmark, couple island stops and hops to the west Coast of Swedenâ, Gotenburg and fjords with Peter, Maggie, Molly, Gordie, Kristine, and Ken. Finally to the Kosta islands and Ola, my long time Natural buddy and his family at their costal cottage. Just in time to Oslo fjord for the summer party time.