From the Skipper – Arrival in Bermuda

Seven days at sea and 750 miles plus of open water “land-ho” sounds good. Typically the Grateful Red travels about 150 miles a day in average wind. The C2B was not typical wind (read this comment as ‘drifter winds”). No new storms, lots of light wind and plenty of time to drink beer – in fact we even swam off the the back of the boat. High point – we saw a Right Whale breeching three times in the middle ocean. Only 500 or so Right Whales left in the oceans. (How do you tell when whales are mating – how deep the dive and how hard they blow). This whale was way out of the water.

Crew was a blast – Mark and I repaired the numerous boat gear break downs (no boredom here). Bridgette and Curtis provided great eats. Jack was navigating. Rhythm of working six hours and sleeping four has Curtis, Jack and I ready for the leg two – Bermuda to the Azores.

Sail on!

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