Gibraltar to Safi, Morocco

After a two layover of instrument issues and repairs in Gibraltar the Grateful Red was ready for the first leg of the ocean crossing back to Western Hemisphere and the Caribbean —- Gibraltar to Las Palmas in the Gran Canaries ….. with a stop in Safi, Morocco to Marrakesh. Matt, Gordie and Paul arrived ready to sail. Gibraltar to Safi is a 500 mile run. The initial winds were terrific and the Grateful Red was blasting so much that Ken lost track of fuel consumption. Soon the wind died, than we ran out of fuel and finally the fog rolled in. Did I mention the “fog”, visibility was zero. We more or less drifted in to Safi port, we could hear the waves crashing on the rocks but couldn’t see the rock – 100 {e5b62957b3804ab7f47eece8c936dd4b822dafb6efd3f6ca02827a1c1cc3266f} by the chart no visuals. At eleven in the evening we tied off to a work ship in Safi harbor – the harbor had only commercial boats and the Grateful Red.