Camels and Tabarka, Tunisia

We ended up staying a additional day and explored the city and surrounding area. Molly, Fred and Paula went off to ride camels and Ken and I took a taxi to one of the Resort Hotels down the beach and found some great internet. They let us sit in the beautiful lobby for several hours working on our computers. Ken knew that I had been frustrated with no internet and this was our solution. When we were finished, we instructed our taxi driver to take us to a nice restaurant somewhere on the route back to the harbor. After eating, we were close enough that we walked back to our hotel and got ready for a 6AM departure to Algeria planned for the next morning.

As with every departure, customs seems to take longer than you want. Ken and Fred had to go to the Port Authorities to get our paperwork back and they were gone almost one hour. I thought for sure that something bad had happened, but no, just the slow process of Customs.

We finally got to leave and headed out with 65 nautical miles to go for the day.

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