May 6th, 7th, & 8th – Wendell and Shelly

Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Days of the Corn Theory!

Misty today, around 45 degrees, and today we head to St. Jean de Losne. 3 locks and maybe 36 kms. Our first stop in St. Jean de Losne was a beautiful new diesel dock. Closed of course as we had arrived between 12:00 and 2pm when most businesses in France are closed. We still tied up to the dock and walked around to check out the nearby marina and town. After fueling up we motored over to the H2O Marina. Jean-Paul, our Capitinere did not think he had a dock wide enough for us but suggested we try number 41. If we did not fit, we were to tie up the best we could there and he would come out to assist. We did not fit and I walked to the office to get Jean-Paul. He came out with a large tool that could actually move the finger dock over the required width to allow our boat to come all the way into the slip. This done, we got the key for the showers, a map of the area, internet code and had some appetizers on the boat. This would be my home for the next 9 days.

Friday we took the GARE to Dijon to rent a car and tour Burgundy Valley. Spent most of the afternoon driving through the towns in the Valley and wine tasting. This is really Ken’s area of expertise so I asked him to recap our time there. The next Blog update will be Ken’s recap with miscellaneous pictures of our time in Wine country!

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