News from the Skipper

With the amazing technology of Internet and satellite phones, Ken has sent me a small update on the boat and crew.

“The C2B race has begun, a beat through Charleston harbor out the jetty only 750 nautical miles to go.

Day one – alternator belt broke (had a spare and installed with Mark), compass went wacko so we used Jack’s ancient handheld. Winds were good, storm at night had winds of 40 +. I was off shift sleeping decided to stay un-involved. Boat heeled, waves crashed, Bridgette, Curtis and Jack sail and I slept.

Day two little wind, hot, and learned if you run the macerator when batteries are low the whole electrical system shuts down.. Caught a huge piece of plastic on the rudder – hurts steering and performance. Still not bored.

End of day two winds pick up, spinnaker is out – we are hundreds of miles from everywhere, ocean blue waters meeting cloudless blue skies, broad reach cookin at seven plus knots. Out comes the cold beers (refrig is still operational), Keith Jarret trio for tunes (thanks MA for the music) – we are ripping across the ocean only four days to Bermuda. Sailin’!”

~ Ken

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