One day and counting!

Remember when we started counting days?!!!, WELL, ONE DAY and counting!

Grateful Red Crew for C2B is here in Charleston taking the boat through final readiness. Carpenters, divers, Paul the instrument guy (almost a member of the family now), all doing last minute fine tuning. (Kristine finally got her mirror in the aft cabin!)

Hot, 80+ and 100{e5b62957b3804ab7f47eece8c936dd4b822dafb6efd3f6ca02827a1c1cc3266f} humidity here so work is followed by cold beers and sweat!. Curtis has delivered his own sealed meals including tons, yes tons, of chocolate chip cookies! Yummmm!

Excitement is high and the boat is soooo good looking and ready. Wish you all could see it. Last time in the US for maybe a very long time. I can’t stop taking pictures of this wonderful boat. Wish the crew well and safe travels to Bermuda and beyond!

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