Rodney Bay, Jan 30th-Feb 18th, 2012

Rodney Bays Harbor entrance.

Monday we woke early, and finished Ken’s packing to go back to Wisconsin.  We made our initial  contacts with Fiber and Vincent to set up some electrical and fiberglass work while Ken was gone.  My plan is to polish all the chrome and clean the hull and bottom of the boat.   Had a nice dinner at Café Ole along the dock side that evening.

Tuesday, Ken finished his packing and last minute lists before he left.  Found his way to the airport utilizing a taxi to the Castries bus station and then a one-hour  bus to Fort Vieux.   This mode of transportation saved us about $70 USD that we were quoted for a taxi.

Full Moon in Rodney Bay

Wednesday morning, I worked on cleaning the boat, “Kristine” style and had a boat-neighbor, Susan stop by to ask if I was going to the ladies luncheon.  Not hearing about it I asked for details.  Apparently, each Wednesday, in Rodney Bay, the cruiser ladies gather at the Bay Resort across from the marina for lunch and chatter.   I found it refreshing and the information unlimited regarding ladies and sailing.  Many had been cruisers for many years in the area and had many stories to tell.  A few were new to the Caribbean like me and we were all ears.   The restaurant offered a bottle of wine to use for a raffle as a thank you for using their restaurant and wouldn’t you know, I won it!  I met some very lovely ladies that I am sure I will bump into from time to time here.  One great lady, Pat and her husband Peter have a C & C that they were selling after 22 years.  I can only imagine how that would feel.     After the luncheon, Pat and several other ladies and I took the local bus back to the marina for 1.50 EC  Great deal.

Thursday, again I was asked to join several couples to enjoy happy hour at Razmataz across from the marina.   Ken now thinks he is missing out when he leaves as I have found so many new friends in just 2 days!  The rest of the week while Ken was gone, I spent doing some paint touch-up, chrome cleaning, filters, washing the hull and scrubbing the growth off the waters edge of the boat.    On Monday and Tuesday, I pulled down the awning and took the motor off the dingy to prepare the boat for my leaving.  I will meet Ken in Miami, along with his Mother, Jayne, to  continue to Key West for Liza and Richies wedding.

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