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Trinidad Carnival with LKSC

Brad, Donna, Davin and Molly bought air tickets for the Trinidad Carnival Regatta….only issue was the regatta date changed. Boat was ready, crack crew was ready, and Ken and Kristine were anchored off by the sponsoring club, but no regatta. Went “chirping” all night long! A couple of anchor-off’s and light wind sailing.

Giraglia Regatta

St-Tropez around Giraglia Rock at the Southern tip of Corsica, and on to San Remo, Italy. Two-hundred-forty-five nautical miles. Dennis and Harry returned to Holland and Mike joined the Rolex crew. Terrific A-Sym reach with Paul Stroup driving yielded a 12+ knot/hr boat speed. Inadvertently (???) the race finish instructions were only in French – we got lost and with the help of others, finished 118 out of 226.

Rolex Cup Regatta

Almost a three-day regatta – over 15 inches of rain on day three of regatta. Most ever in the recorded history of St-Tropez. Crew was lead by Dennis and Harry from Holland joined by Wendell, Brad, Mike, Paula, Paul, Ken and Matt. Placed 87th out of 127th. All 120 plus IRC rated boats started at the same time with a start line that accommodated thirty boats. Do you know the boat, “right of way rules?”