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Grenada Overnight to Trinidad

The new Grateful Red sail drive from Sweden got hung up in St. Marteen so when Ken arrived, no sail drive, no motor and little action. Call to Volvo US. Fedex and a credit card, new sail drive in three days. With tons of help from Kyle, Garrett, Kristi and Charlie – a five day visit by instrument guru Paul and seven days of work – plus a Kyle-organized blender party – the Grateful Red was splashed at 3PM, new sail drive test run for an hour and then departure at 4PM on an overnight to Trinidad for Ken\’s birthday and Charlie’s successful summer intern internet interview.


Charlie’s 21st Birthday Party Union Island

Last sail for this season and with the nephews – Charlie, Girlfriend Kristy, Kyle and Garrett. A really fun crew and as luck has it, the boys met up with a great twenty-year old British sailor that “fit” into our crew. to monitor this group, Ken and Steve were on the crew. Half-way to Grenada, the Grateful Red made another stop at Union Island – the party island – for Charlie’s 21st Birthday

Corfu to Siracuse, Italy

Sailing Corfu to Siracuse Crew change in Corfu – the Donley’s were a terrific crew but needed to return for work – work is always an issue. The Corfu to Siracuse crew of Vicki and Steve jumped a board with one overnight with both crews telling stories. The first stop for Vicki and Steve was the island of Paxio just a short half day sail from Corfu. Terrific harbor, half empty and lots of Greek restaurants. We needed to store up supplies for the 300 plus mile two nights on the sea sail. Since the Grateful Red can only motor about 200 miles – wind was needed and found including a nice downwind leg. After a couple nights at sea we arrive in Siracuse for the regatta from the clean and tidy streets of Corfu and Paxio to the dirty broken down town of Siracuse – it was like we sailing back a 100 years in time.