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San Blas Islands, Panama

Back at the beginning of the 19th Century when the Panama Canal was being constructed, the Panama government gave (forced?) the Kuna Indians the San Blas Islands as their “reservation”. The result is the San Blas Islands are semi-autonomous from the Panama government with the Kuna’s maintaining their life style. The Kuna style is keeping the islands development free and pristine.

Arrival in St. Lucia

Sailing Crew and Land crew were overjoyed to see one another! Long time at sea and a long time for family to wait!!!

Copa del Rey Regatta

First a two-night sail from Corsica to Menorca, Spain and on to Majorca for the Kings Regatta. Crew of Matt, Matt, Nora, Scott and Charlie – the Lady GaGa crowd stayed slept on the boat – with Susan, Jack, Cissy, Kristine and Ken in the on-shore apartment. After four days of racing tied with J122 – Noisy Oyster – only to lose the challenged bottle of Champagne on the last race.