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Trinidad Carnival with LKSC

Brad, Donna, Davin and Molly bought air tickets for the Trinidad Carnival Regatta….only issue was the regatta date changed. Boat was ready, crack crew was ready, and Ken and Kristine were anchored off by the sponsoring club, but no regatta. Went “chirping” all night long! A couple of anchor-off’s and light wind sailing.

Majorca and Ibiza

A two day two night Mediterranean crossing to Majorca where we met up with our French friends – Guy, Renee and their boat Cachou at the Copa del Rey regatta. Blender party! Spent a night in Ibiza – party capital of the Med. Molly and Ken did a reconnaissance of a local club that holds an easy 1500. Definitely a party capital! After over two weeks for sailing, visiting and exploring the Grateful Red docked in Valencia harbor.

Tunisia – Tabarka

Interesting stop – complete with camel rides and beer purchases (men only) at the back door of the Market.