Testing the new Whisper Pole

At the new Sunday meeting spot, Matt from JWorld Racing School, Stu his co instructor describe thier recent sail from Newport to Key West in Stu’s 40 foot racing boat a CX40 while consuming Bloody Marys. Winds of 50 plus waves over 30 feet they hove to for two nights before deciding to go to Bermuda to lay over. Took over 10 days to go from Newport to Bermuda (by the way Bermuda is 200 miles further from Key West then Newport).

Can’t wait to do the Charleston Bermuda race!

Stu, Matt and their third instructor Graham (Canadian from Nova Scotia) had only one student for the week in JWorld racing school – Larry. So they invited Larry and wife to sail with us on the Grateful Red on Tuesday. 80, sunny, winds of 15 + …… beautiful sailing. Sailed upwind to beyond the reef, hove to to eat lunch (Matt and Stu were experts at teaching this technique) then downwind. First with the symmetrical spinnaker and pole, then the new whisper pole and wing on wing sailing with the 150 genoa. Always sailing eight plus knots, good fun and three excellent teachers.

At Conch Harbor we removed the dacron sails to prepare for Race Week, drank rum and made plans. Perfect day!

Now back at Kegonsa – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday high temperatures of less then zero. Why do we return?

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