To Rolampont

I had previously contacted the VNF to let them know that we would resume our journey Sunday, and be at the first lock of the day by 9am. This is necessary as most of the locks in this canal are manually activated or hand-cranked. There is no place to tie-up if you have to wait for a lock keeper to arrive so it is best to schedule in advance. Once you are in the first lock of the day, they will ask you where your final stop for the night will be and with that information, they schedule lockkeepers to be available throughout your day. It was fun to watch Wendell and Shelly learn the maneuvering of the locks and canals.

Rolampont was our destination for Sunday night. That would be approximately 15 locks and 30 kms. We have a great “stopping” guide that was given to us when we entered The Canal endre Champagne & Bourgogne. It details the Stops, nature of the stop (picnic or overnight), how many locks, facilities at the stop or nearby and the distance. This made is easier for us to plan our days. Rolampont was listed as a nautical stopping point with water, electric and bathrooms. Of course, due to our early season arrival, electric wasn’t turned on, and the bathrooms, were, well….less than desirable. Still it was a easy dockage for the night.

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