Tuesday-Anchored off at Golfe of Barbatoia-Fetovaia

Mike working the spin sheets.

The sail to our next stop was perfect. The guys found opportunity to fly the Asm spinnaker most of the way down the West side of Alba. We arrived to our first anchorage option and found it to be just fine so we anchored for the evening. Still early in the day, Alan got the snorkel and masks out and went to check the anchor holding, while the rest of us went about various tasks. I show them the back transom hot and cold water hose for rinsing off after a swim and then decided to wash my hair. Luxury! Sun, anchorage, hot water! Mike decided to go in the water and swam to shore.

Alan checking our anchor hold

Mike looking for sharks…

As the orange round moon started to rise in the horizon, the winds seemed to pickup so we had dinner inside the boat. Fresh fish from the morning market in Marina Marciana, salad and the last of the great flat beans. We opened one our our Chateauneuf du Pape, Domain Chante Cigale wines left on the boat from our “canal” days and thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

Wednesday morning, we pulled anchor around 8AM and motored out of our sweet anchorage for our last Tuscan Island, Isola del Giglio.

Coffee made, autopilot on, Ken continuing to resolve the refrig electronics, and I taking time to catch up with my journal. Someday you will read all of this when I find internet again.

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