Wendell and Shelly depart…

May 9th to May 14th,

Saturday evening, after the wine tours and tastings…time to pack for Sunday departures.

Wendell and Shelly would take the GARE (train) from St. Jean de Losne to Dijon and then on to Paris. I would drive Ken to Geneva Switzerland for his flight back to the USA. The drive to Switzerland was only 2 ½ hours and gave me “taste” of yet another country. After driving Ken to the airport in Geneva, I had to drive the rental car back to Dijon and take the GARE back to St. Jean de Losne. I then had a 2 mile walk back to the boat. Can’t say we don’t get around!

I spent the next 5 days alone on the boat and certainly would have preferred warmer weather. I did what cleaning I could do in the cold, some laundry, biked, read books, and found a nice grocery store across the bridge in St. Jean de Losne. I was anxious for Friday when Ken would arrive back in France with Eddie, our new world traveler.

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