48 hours into C2B 2009

After 48 hours of the race, I have had 2 calls from Ken via his Satellite phone. Reception quite clear and amazing there is no delay in the voices.

Last night, Ken sounded tired, but he said it was just so hot down below in the boat. Very light winds and he felt they were just bobbing. He e-mail to me said at this rate they would reach Bermuda next month! Today, he sounded great, just looking for more wind. had a little trouble with some electricial when they used the macerator. As he said, “most things happen at night”, but it seems that they had it taken care of today.

Sorry, no pictures at this point. Remember, you can see the boats progress at: http://maps.iboattrack.com/races/2009_charleston_bermuda/htdocs/google_view.php

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