At home in Key West!

Nothing’s better than sitting on the boat, with the sun about 20 minutes from setting, and trying to decide whether wine or a hearty rum and coke will do.

Ken and I worked most of the day on the boat. I scrubbed with new cleaner to remove rust, grim and such. Ken worked on, well, all that other stuff. Logging the time it takes for the battery to get to the point of needing to be recharged, finishing the repair on the roller-furler (thanks Tom), and cursing the many hired professionals that have claimed to have fixed the out-haul.

One new discovery today, Sunday’s at the White Tarpon they have (from noon to 4pm) Make your own Bloody Marys! Quite the “salad-bar”! Liza, you have to see it! Almost as good as the The Grape Escape in Galena!!!

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