Clifton Union, Attitude adjustment for Gaby and Willy, Jan 24-25th


Gaby and Willy had not been having much fun due to all the wind.   Apparently, this was a first “sailing” date Gaby had been on, and she was “stuck” on the boat for three weeks.  They had picked up their boat in Trinadad and motor sailed 22 hours of heavy winds and waves to Grenada!  I can’t even imagine if that was my first taste of “sailing”, I might have went straight to the airport when we got to Grenada.

Tuesday morning we encouraged them to sail over to Union Island about one hour away and anchor at Clifton.   We were convinced her attitude would soften with it’s lovely island setting and  charming local ways.    We did not see them for a while after we arrived and hooked up to moorings, but when I saw Gaby the next time, she threw kisses to me saying that this was paradise.  Glad we could help their date!


Our mooring that looked out to the reef and had a busy surf-kite activity.  Tried to download some of the video of the surfers!

The Happy Island Bar.  Built on the reef out of conch shells and then mortar!

We usually were the ONLY customers at the Happy Island Bar!

Ken and I spent Tuesday and Wednesday relaxing, snorkeling and visiting  The Happy Island Bar.  Ken and I took advantage of the Yacht clubs great internet  before we set off to the Island of Mustique.   Before we left, Gaby and Willy arranged to have a beach BBQ, complete with lobster.    Their local cook was Martin who did all the shopping, cooking and cleaning.  We only had to bring our dishes and glassware (and wine).   It was really lovely and a nice change from restaurants and/or eating on the boat.  Lobster taste so good outside!

Ken, Willy and Gaby (behind) at “our” beach lobster BBQ


Our host, Martin, complete with lobster, potatoes, salad, and Island dogs for cleanup afterward.



Martin, washing our dishes!

One of the “local” dogs that had very good manners.   Did not care much for our left over rice!  Pick-y!




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