Mustique and the “Royals”, Jan 26th-28th

On Thursday morning, we pulled our mooring lines and headed off to Mustique, about a 4-5 hour trip.   There really is only one good place to moor or anchor and that was Britannia Bay.  We
were surprised at how few boats were in the moorings but pleased to be out of the heavy winds.   Once tied up with the help of the Harbor master in his dingy, he told us the Island was in a
lock-down due to the presence of Prince William and his wife Kate and her family.   However, we could still stay and pay for the minimum 3-day price for mooring and have limited access to the
island.   We agreed and paid 200EC for the three nights and settled in.

Thursday started their 2 week-long Jazz Fest and this was one major reason for us being there.    We were not allowed to “check-in” with customs because that would  mean a trip to the airport and that was “off-limits”.  We could go ashore, (with NO cameras), walk the immediate beaches, and shop in the 4-5 little shops off the main beach.   We could also go to Basils Bar, home of the Blues/Jazz festival.     We made reservations for dinner for 8pm Thursday night.

Dinner was great and we had a nice table close to where the music stage was.  Between our table and the stage was of course, the dance floor .   After dinner, and after the music started to “warm us up”, we of course headed to the dance floor and before you knew it, the dance floor was filled with dancers enjoying each song.   Our biggest thrill (though Ken did not really “get-it” at first) was when Prince William and Kate arrived and soon were dancing along with all of us.  the Dutchess Kate danced several times with others in their party but it was fun to think we were so close we could see their sweat!

Friday, we went to shore for coffee and use of internet at Ali’s Café and saw Kate’s Mother( supposedly) and young girl.    We were stopped twice by security later in the afternoon when we took the dingy along the south shore of the beach where there were lovely small shoals for snorkeling.   I explained that the harbor master said we could go that far and that seemed to then be ok for us to be there.    It was a bit wavy for me and at times, the waves would wash me over the coral.   With no gloves or fins on, I stayed in a bit closer to shore than Ken. He was looking for his lobster!

Even though we paid for 3 days,  with no way to explore the island, we decided to push on to St. Lucia.   Ken had a Flight on Tuesday and there would be things to do on the boat before he left.   We left Mustique Saturday at 7AM for a very long days sail of 10 hours!


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