Dominica continued – Portsmouth, Feb 26th & 27th

In Portsmouth we called Albert (another referral) and found him outside the bay fishing.  As he motored by he said all moorings were taken, but he would try to help.  Inside the bay we found a reasonable place to drop anchor close to the town dock.  Worked fine for the 2 nights we would stay.  We hired Albert to take us to the Indian River Source for a quiet tour of the river.  The pictures tell how unique the river is.  Portsmouth (Prince Rupert Bay) has formed a yacht security system called PAYS (Portsmouth Association of Yacht Security).  They run regular patrols of the bay to eliminate any issues with theft or pestering of the yachts.  They fund this service by a weekly barbecue on Sunday nights and we decided to pay our $50 EC each and go.  It was well attended and the free rum punches really gave a “punch”!  We had a great time dancing and meeting all the other cruisers there.

During the first day there, after finding an internet café for Ken, I went and cleared customs and found it was almost a town away.  They sure don’t make it easy for the cruiser to follow  their countrys  procedure!


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