Fred, Colby and Ken – St. Maartin to St. Lucia


Ken’s memory of the Island order:

Leeward Islands

  1. St Martin                                                             May 4/5
  2. SBA                                                                        May 6 (hike down the mountain at night)
  3. St. Kitt                                                                   may 7 (Basseterre) – boring, bar owner from chicago
  4. Nevis                                                                     May 8 (Ola’s sunshine restaurant)
  5. Montserrat                                                         May 9 (fort, volcano)
  6. Guadeloupe                                                       May 10 (Marina Rivere)
    1. Dominica                                                             May 11/12 –  day one portsmouth –guide, day two Roseau
    2. Martinique                                                         May 13 (anchor drag)
    3. St. Lucia                                                                May 14 (party with incoming crew)
    4. St Lucia                                                                 Fred and Colby fly home

P1050648 P1050642

With Kristine returning to Lake Kegonsa the boys had open season on excitement.  First stop was SABA, a nice sail, anchor off, dinghy in to a landing with a zillion steps plus path to a road and walk into a nice Dutch looking town.  Caught a ride to the “nicest restaurant” in town.  A good meal and few beverages later, a ride back to the trail and …… the in dark with beverages return was a bit more difficult than the climb up plus a rocky dinghy launch back to the Grateful Red.  No altercations with the dinghy nor crew.

sunshine.grateful.redsunshine -fred and ken

St. Kitt was bit boring so we headed on to Nevis.  Ola an old Norwegian fellow entrepreneur and now co owner of a Caribbean shipping business (great way to lose money) recommended the Sunshine bar in Nevis.  The crew had fun times, good drinks and easy anchor off the Sunshine.


Next day sailed on to Montesarrat with a superb old English fort – whatever you can say about British beer or car electronics they can build a heck of a fort.  Half of Montserrat has been destroyed by a recent volcano so we sailed on.  Leeward side of Gaudeloupe required motoring and an ensuing diesel shortage.  Had to use the “spare” five gallon can to make it to a diesel stop.

Stayed two days in Dominica.  We hired a guide to take us to parrot country.  About 2000 feet up the Dominca mountains is the perfect habitat for parrots.  For such huge colorful birds they are hard find and see but pretty easy to hear.  The guide and hike was a blast.  The bar in Roseau was unique –  bar had a shower for all sailing customers.  Had a meal, beverages and shower at the bar!

Sailed on to Martinique – French country.  Anchored off in a nice anchorage with a bunch of boats, leeward side of the island seemed real protected ……. What we failed to notice was how the winds “rolled” down the mountains and burst in the anchorage.  After a couple of “bursts” we threw a second anchor better safe than sorry.  A few beverages and lights out.

Next morning is breezy so Fred and Ken are up at daylight and decide to start the engine …… just in case.  Before Ken can finish his Amaretto and coffee the Grateful Red is moving three knots downwind dragging two anchors.  Colby is immediately on the foredeck, chaos reigns  …… the Grateful Red is within feet of a huge cat flying an American flag and family of five.  With lots of help from the Cat, Colby doing a yeoman’s job on the foredeck the Grateful Red is tied off to the stern of the cat ….. and the cat anchors are holding both boats.  Another hour of diving and untangling both Grateful Red anchors, wind dies and sanity returns.  Just as the Grateful Red is readying to sail off the co commander of the cat comes out with dozen hot cookies to thank us for not hitting their boat??!!!  Great people – their boat never moved, only helped us.

One last sail to Rodney Bay St. Lucia where we met the next crew, told stories, had beverages and made plans for the next sail.

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