Friday, June 3, Saturday June 4, 2011

Friday Harbor

Stopping for fuel & a drink – Saturday

Saturday, we left our cute harbor at 6:30 starting out with the motor, then sailed, then motored and finally after turning North East, got a nice Spinnaker run in. We stopped in Hvar a beer, fuel and a bit of groceries. It has been blazing hot and the cool drinks were the ticket. We found a great cove for the night, (U. Sesula, on Otok Solta) where the restaurant management would dingy out to flag you into their spots. We selected one that had mooring balls off shore and he helped us tie up and bring a line to the shore. We made dinner arrangements with him which included his coming back to the boat to collect us to shore, and then back to the boat after dinner. There were many charter boats in the cove and lots of partying before dinner. Before dinner we all did a bit of swimming to cool down and with the line to shore, it gave the girls something to hang on to.

This is U. Sesula on Otok Solta where we tied to a mooring ball and stern to shore.

Dingy ride to the restaurant

Girls ready for dinner

Our dinner restaurant – and dingy service!

A quick, cold swim off the stern before dinner

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