Sunday, Monday at Stadin ACI Marina

Sunday morning, June 5, we left our mooring ball early to sail to Skadin Marina where we planned to stay for 2 nights. We arrived around 6:30 which was later than we had expected, but it was ni play and regrouping. This ACI marina did not have a pool for the girls to play in, but they had excellent showers, shopping and laundry service. We made arrangements to have our laundry done and back to us by late the next day. You can imagine we all scrambled to collect what ever we could to get it done by someone else! Dockside laundry just doesn’t do it!!

In the morning, Raouf, Alistair, Michelle & Isabella took a tour ferry to the National Park where there were waterfalls. The internet service at the marina was very good so Ken, Charlie and I worked at the boat for most of the day until the other crew came back from the Falls. I had a chance to get some of the blog updated with pictures, although several weeks late.

In the evening, Raouf, Alistair, Ken and I went to dinner leaving Charlie in charge of the girls. We had a wonderful meal of their fresh fish, with spinach and risotto.

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