Key West Race Week and Conch Harbor Weddings

Key West Race Week has come and gone. Light attendance—last year maybe 280 boats this year 150 boats but still great Key West weather. Everyday the Grateful Red crew changed—had a few Chicago Beer can sailors, nice contingent from the Lake Kegonsa Sailing Club and the core team from previous KWRW’s.

On Thursday we picked up a couple sailors from the Key West JWorld racing school—used the symmetrical spinnaker for the Thursday races. Ended the Key West regattas with two races on Friday. Used the A- sym and showed race committee the finest wigs for a Key West race crew. Lots of sailing fun.

Dock side we showed blender and the boat across from slip 24 at Conch was a nice Swan—the skipper came over to see the kegerator. Next thing I hear is that we are all invited to his wedding that afternoon on the Conch dock across from the Grateful Red. We donned our wigs, fired up the blender and joined the wedding ceremony. Great party and nice touch for KWRW.

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