Wrekers Race 2009

This past weekend, Bob Connors, Ken and I participating in our last Wreckers Race with Grateful Red. Happy to say, Grateful Red placed 2nd out of 15! All that fine tuning! We went to the skippers meeting the night before and checked out our competition, and yes, had a few…

Never sure who all will show up to actually sail with us, we responded to a request from a couple looking to crew. After their passing our “test”, (can you drink rum/coke?, do you like strawberry daiquiris?…and maybe some sailing experience) they decided it would be fun to sail with us. Little did we know, Cherie writes columns for Sailing magazines and writes a weekly column in her local newspaper. Wreckers race was outstanding with the all-point spinnaker and several gybes, we crossed the finish line with our wigs on. Cherie also has a blog you should check out that has some incriminating photos of our day… http://www.wherescherie.com/

The long weekend itself was bittersweet with only one or two more visits before the boat leaves to start the journey up the East Coast of Florida and beyond. The trailer is almost empty and our plans are set for a going away happy hour at the Conch Harbor Tiki hut March 11th. It will be sad to leave as we have made many friends and lasting sailing relationships. But, the adventure must continue.

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