March 4-5, Nonsuch Bay, Antigua

The Ferry, ready to depart

Sunday, 9AM, we pulled anchor after the ferry did it’s bay turnaround and left.   Next stop, heading north (a 7 hours sail with reefed main in 20-25kt winds)  to Antigua to pick up Wendell and Shelly.  Having two days to wait for Wendell and Shelly’s  arrival we headed to Nonsuch Bay on the East Side of Antigua  island and once in (was like a big lake behind reefs), we found Ayers Creek with no boats in it.  Claimed it as ours and set our anchor.   The Creek was wide and short,  and only had 2 small areas deep enough to anchor.  I think we were in 7 feet at the deepest.   I spent the next day fishing the creek with the dinghy as Ken caught up on work uninterrupted.  It was just wonderful.  I didn’t catch any fish, but still made Salmon cakes for dinner.

Ayers Creek, Nonsuch Bay, Antigua


Ken still getting some phone reception, but no WiFi.  Real wilderness for us!


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  1. monica
    monica says:


    Antiqua looks beautiful. Say hi to Wendell and Shelly for me. Sorry they missed the party at Mary’s Boon. You need some 2012 party photos for the party page. Steal some of Peter’s on his facebook.


  2. monica
    monica says:

    PS: This morning, we watched Mary’s Boon beach cam, courtesy of Paul Georgeson. Sang a few bars of “Smoked 2 Joints” and got the day off with a good laugh.

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