Wendell and Shelly Meise – March 6th-15th

Tuesday we sailed past English harbor to  Falmouth Harbor and tied up at Falmouth Harbor Marina.  We were dirty, sweating and rushing to get the boat somewhat decent when Shelly and Wendell appeared dockside.  Of course, they did not care how the boat looked, and gave us time to get the front berth ready for them.  I took a shower on the boat after we hooked up to shore power to heat the water.   Nothing like a hot shower!

We had laundry done there, had a good hike along the road to the Antigua Slipway where we had lunch at Catherine’s Café, a lovely French styled dockside restaurant.  To make our walk shorter, we paid 5 Euro’s for a water taxi to take us across to Nelsons Dockyard near the Customs offices.   This shortened our walk  back to the  boat by a good Mile as the crow flies.

We were told this Yacht behind us was again some Royality….no sighting!

A bit of “out-on-the-town” for us before we set sail

Poor Wendell, the minute he is on the boat, Ken has him figuring out Deckman!  I hear the learning curve is huge!

View of our anchorage in Dickenson Bay

On Thursday, at 11AM, we untied and headed north to St. Johns Bay.  St. Johns Bay turned out to be a very unpleasant spot, filled with cruise ships, shallow spots and wind.   Not finding a suitable anchorage, we decided to continue further North to Dickenson Bay.  This proved to be a great decision.  Dickenson Bay was almost tropical and we found a quiet spot to anchor against a rocky cliff.   We were close enough to shore that we actually picked up the Wi-Fi of the shores one restaurant.   We dinghy’d to shore and had a great few hours of walking the beach and dinner on the Wharf restaurant.   Great first sailing night for Shelly and Wendell.

Halcyon Cove Restaurant where we had dinner (note the dinghy in the forefront)



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