Naples, Capri and new Crew


Wednesday, May 25th, Charlie, Ken and I left around 10:30 and sailed to the south side of Capri to see the natural Arch. Wednesday was also the first of several overnights that Charlie, Ken and I would do. Our shifts were to sail 3 hours, be on watch for 3 hours, and then sleep for three hours. The moon came up around 11pm and the sky was full of stars so it was a very pleasant evening.

Thursday, we arrived in Isola Salina, one of the islands off Sicily around 7AM. We found about 7 dead birds on our boat that must have taken refuge during the night. We had seen several earlier in the evening, but thought they flew off. Not sure why they died, but they did make a MESS while alive on the boat.

Natural Arch on Capri

First overnight with Charlie

Isola Salina Marina was 89{e5b62957b3804ab7f47eece8c936dd4b822dafb6efd3f6ca02827a1c1cc3266f} empty so it was no problem to tie-up. 2 men from the marina greeted us and took our stern lines. Nothing much on this island but 2 inactive volcano’s. After breakfast we started to clean and prepare the boat for more overnights. I was untying the gangplank to set it up and as it was leaning on the wheels of the plank, rolled out of hands and into the water. The water was so clear, but we were in about 20 feet of water. Charlie tried to swim down to get it, but declared it was too deep and the water was freezing cold. We ended up tying our two boat hooks and a third pole together and Ken managed to hook it and pull it up and out of the water. It took several hours to get to this point and a serious waste of the morning time.

Later in the day, I did quite a bit of dockside laundry and then some trips to the market. The showers at the marina were the best we had seen so we took advantage and got cleaned up. After dinner, Charlie and Ken decided to check out the town and found one bar open. Seems most of the other cruisers in the marina were there also so Ken came back to the boat to encourage me to come out. It was a fun time, but when the other women started to dance on the bar, I decided it was time for us to go back to the boat!

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