Prepping for Atlantic crossing

Tucked away at the Charleston City Marina, home of the MEGA yacht docks, Grateful Red is going through some last minute fine tuning. Back home in Wisconsin, my responsibilities as land-crew for the Atlantic crossing are feeling the pressure. I have contacted officials in Bermuda to make sure I will be allowed to bring prepared foods, frozen, for the journey from Bermuda to Azores. I haven’t done this much cooking from scratch for ages. But hopefully, the thick hearty soups and stews will be appreciated.

I have implemented the use of a seal-a-meal that sucks all the air out and seals the pkgs. They conveniently freeze flat and can be stacked like a big brick of ice! Handy. The MEN, will then utilize the vast quantity of sea water to boil the bags of delectable. Handy even still. All they need is a cup/bowl/plate and fork or spoon.

On the menu so far:

  • Chicken stew with pasta
  • Spaghetti/sauce & pasta
  • Beef stew
  • goulash (something with hamburger)
  • Ham steaks
  • Egg omelet with cheese/bacon (after boiling it can be put in a flour tortilla to make a breakfast burrito)
  • Au gratin potato and ham soup
  • Split pea with ham soup (it was a lovely ham bone!)
  • Cream of zucchini soup
  • Large Pasta’s to add to soups for bulk

I will be working on more including freezing fruits for vitamin C! (and a nice treat)
Any food suggestions for the boiling bags is greatly appreciated.

And, welcome to the new followers! Now add your pictures…

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