Seal-a-meal continued…

Ok, so today was a rainy day. What else to do but work, (forget that), or cook! I decided to continue the Seal-a-meal progress and load up at the grocery store. On the menu, Chop suey, Goulash, (substituting the elbow maccaroni for a larger pasta Ziti type), Butternut/Acorn squash soup that turned out famously and one chicken dish that was, well, less than perfect, but would fill a sailors needs. It was a Chicken stir fry of sorts. These were all childhood favorites that kept me sassy and FULL! I still use the recipe cards of my Mother and Grandmother that contain tons of food stains on them!

Each batch made approximately 6 or more man-sized servings. I also have kept one small serving of each recipe to have a “crew-taste test” prior to the sail. We will see if there will be opportunity to have the crew come over for my “pot-luck”!

Tomorrow on the agenda, freezing some fruit, another Chicken stew recipe and maybe if time allows, I will be making some Beef Stew. (Did I mention I stopped at Knoches Meat market today?) Best butcher in Madison!

These recipes bring back loads of food memories and rekindled some of my earlier joys of cooking. I hope the sailors will enjoy!

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