Putting up at Genoa

Crew on overnight

Set off putting the main and the Genoa up. We sailed most of the afternoon and into the evening about moving along at an average 7 knots. Our shifts for the night established. Page, 6-10, Kristine, 10pm-2am, Alan 12am-4am, Mike- 2am-6am, Ken-4am-8am, & Page-6am-10am.

On my shift, around 11pm, the moon started to rise. There was only one boat in sight and the moon rose behind it. It started out brilliant orange and finally settled to its lovely bright self. By this time, we had only the main up and motored through the remainder of the night. We arrived at Ponza harbor on Ponza Island around 7:30-8am, or so. As we approached the marina, we ran out of diesel, put up the Genoa, and put the 2.5 jerry can of fuel in. Our first stop at the harbor was the fuel dock and we filled it up. 300 Euros for 120 liters plus the 9 liters in the jerry can.

Mike helping Page with Clovehitch lesson

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