Safi to Gran Canaries

Thursday morning we set up for downwind sailing
utilizing the wing-on-wing technique with the whisper pole.  Set out Aqua generator (aqua boy), and
averaged 6-7kts in our 10-15kt winds.
Sailed into the next night with a single-reef, and furled jib.

Plenty of time for reading.

It seems that every off-shore, and overnight we had birds looking

for a free ride.

Friday, sailed until noon then motored to charge
the boats batteries and run the refrigerator.
First sight of Canary Islands around noon.  We sailed some and motored some into the
night and had only one large ship to deviate around before we arrived.  Flaked the main and motored the last 7 miles
with our last 10 liter can of diesel.
Looking scruffy, tired and ready for a hot shower, plus some crew
fighting a Moroccan “bug”, we approached the Las Palmas harbor without pilot
book information.  We had prepared a
bottle of Champagne on our remaining ice to help celebrate our last leg of this
summer’s Grateful Red adventures.  The
boat was in great shape, just very dirty and in need of fuel so our first stop
was at the Texaco dock where we filled the tank, and walked to the marina
office to register and find our slip.


We ended up in K-pontoon just steps away from showers,
laundry, chandleries and several sailor bars!
We put the shade tent up and popped the champagne.

The next several days included general things on the boat,
Matt leaving on Monday, Gordy, Paul and Kristine taking a tour of the sand dunes
and driving through the mountains.
Tuesday, Paul left and Gordy, Ken and I celebrated my 57th
birthday at a very nice restaurant along the wharf.  Wednesday,
Ken and I left for our flight home and Gordy, was last to lock up the
boat on Thursday.




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