Sunday Update from Skipper Ken

Buttered popcorn and Whales – oh my!

First low wind day on this leg. Winds have been less the ten mph all day. Used the spinnaker to keep boat speed up – averaged maybe five knots and then finally the wind disappeared as the high passes over us.

Of course a high means sunshine and clear skies. Paula cooked up some salt and butter to be applied on popcorn with beers in the cockpit. We saw whales not once, but twice today. For over twenty minutes two large whales and a calf roamed around the boat spouting. We have excellent pictures. Very large animals!

In about a day we should arrive at the English channel entrance – water depth goes from 12,000 plus feet to 350 fit in few miles with winds expected from the southwest – waves could be generated. Planning our strategy. While winds are low now, we are watching a low moving up from the south with winds of 30 plus. We would like to be in the channel prior to the front arriving. Of course the plus side is we will be cookin’ in winds of 20 plus. From the entrance of the channel to Amsterdam is only 500 miles – four nice sailing days maybe three in winds of 20 plus or forever in today’s “breeze”.

For now it is sunshine and beers in the cockpit…. tomorrow is another day

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