Wednesday, June 8, 2011, Veli Losinj

Wednesday was a great day for sailing and as Charlie stated, we used every sail. All-point spinnaker, the Asymmetrical spinnaker, Genoa & Main kept Charlie and Alistair busy while the girls spent many hours coloring in the v-berth. Around 4:30, we stopped at Losinj and we discovered the most charming small village and cove.

Veli Losinj Poster I found on the Ferry

Not really a marina, but one or two spots for travelers to tie up along the Quay. The inner harbor was filled with local fishing boats and there were 2 or 3 larger tour boats but that was it. We tied up alongside a restaurant and the girls were all over the boat entertaining the few that were eating at the dockside tables. Imagine, a big red boat with an American flag flying and 2 young dancing beautiful girls on the deck! One of the largest dockside tables just happened to be along where we tied the boat so we took charge of this table and ordered appetizers, wine and beer! It was a beautiful feast. We spent the remainder of the afternoon doing a bit of exploration in which Ken and I found a hidden “Bonsai” garden open to the public. Aside from the interesting Bonsai and other plants, we discovered that Kiwi is actually a vine fruit!

Wednesday evening, we ate dinner at the same restaurant after I fixed something for the girls so they could have an early evening.

Launching Isabella’s “sailboat”

It floats!

Inner Harbor at Veli Losinj

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